Enable tab completion for Markdown Snippets in VS Code

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  • vscode
A quick guide to enabling tab completion for Markdown Snippets in VS Code.

Making Work Visible [Book Review]

  • kanban
Making Work Visible is a canonical book for anyone who wants to be effective at getting the right things done in the right amount of time.

Guest on GoTime: Go at Walmart (and Scale)

I joined GoTime to talk about working on distributed systems with distributed teams, giving people opportunities to learn and grow, and interesting Go projects and news.

Getting Started With Emacs

Curious about Emacs? Read about my journey with it.

OSX Protip: Show your User's Home Folder in Finder Sidebar

  • osx protips
Learn how to show your User's Home Folder in the Finder Sidebar.

OSX Protip: Show your Mac’s Hard Drive On Your Desktop

  • osx protips
Learn how to show your Mac's Hard Drive on it's Desktop.

Remote is Dead. Long Live Distributed.

The term 'remote' focuses on where the team member is. It doesn’t address what needs to be done or how to do it. The where is totally irrelevant to the work. The term 'distributed', however, naturally lends itself to thinking about what needs to be done and how we go about doing it together. I am not a remote worker, I am a part of a distributed team.

A Systematic Approach to Managing Oneself

This is a systematic approach at applying 'Managing Oneself' to my life. Many of the high-level concepts in this document are heavily borrowed from Peter F. Drucker's Managing Oneself.

Five Technologies Every Frontend Engineer Should Know

Frontend Engineers should have five technologies under their belt

The Final Paragraph in My Zappos Chapter

The good times are the ones you're in.

Things Every Node Developer Should Add to Their .gitignore

A .gitignore file is an important part of any project that is being version controlled. Adding things like node_modules to your git ignored files is essential.

6 Ways To Celebrate Your Employees The Zappos Way

Celebrating your employees can easily one of the best morale boosters for your organization. Here are 5 of the ways Zappos has done that for me.

Separation of Work & Life

If you haven't burnt out already but you're working non-stop, I imagine burn out is close. These are the steps I took to get my life back.

Frontend Engineering Tools of The Trade

Every craftsman or tradesman has a collection of tools that help to make them better at executing their work. This is a list of my toolset.

Part 2: Joining Walmart Labs as Senior Software Engineer

As of July 29, I'll be a Senior Software Engineer at Walmart Labs

Joining The Iron Yard as Part-Time Frontend Instructor

As of tomorrow (June 30, 2015), I officially join The Iron Yard as a part-time frontend engineering instructor.

Choosing Fonts For Web Projects

  • getting started
  • web development
Whenever I start a new project, I try to make sure I decide on a good font stack for web safe fonts. This is my process.

Remap Caps Lock to A Useful Modifier Key

  • Mac
Learn why and how to remap the Caps Lock key to a more useful modifier key.

Debugging a collection of objects with console.table

  • Javascript
Learn to use console.table to debug collections of objects in Chrome.

The Setup: My Hardware & Software for Work & Play

Deploy Code with Git Push and a Post Receive Hook

Learn how to deploy code to a server by using git with post-receive hooks.

AlfredApp Theme: Flatland

OSX Protip: Show your Mac’s Hard Drive in Finder Sidebar

  • MacOS
Learn how to show your Mac's Hard Drive in the Finder Sidebar.

Set An Anchor Link On An Image In Markdown

Learn how to create an anchor link on an image in Markdown.

5 Grunt Plugins for a Better Workflow

  • web development
  • build tools
  • automation
Learn about 5 Grunt build tool plugins to optimize your workflow.

How I Use Grunt And Bower for Frontend Packages

Learn how to use grunt and bower for a frontend workflow

Using Grunt For A Better Workflow

Learn how to use Grunt for a better workflow.

3 Resources For Code Sharing & Collaboration

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