chase adams
Hi, I'm Chase Adams.
I equip, empower and educate others in the disciplines and subjects that I have experience in.
Specifically, I write for and coach people who are in these roles:
  • software developers
  • aspiring change agents
  • makers
  • iterative learners
Recent Things I've Written...

Memories of my GinGin Joyce

My grandma passed away today. She always reminded me: Remember WHO you are and WHOSE you are. This is a tribute to her life through my eyes.

Tips For Being Successful at Working From Home Long-Term

Tips that I've found to help me be successful in my transition into remote work, working from home.

Install dig and nslookup dependencies on Docker Containers

How to install dig on Ubuntu.

How to Give Awesome Peer Feedback

Many companies are incorporating peer feedback into performance reviews. Here's how I prepare to give awesome peer feedback.

Create an ad hoc interactive Docker container

Learn how to create an ad hoc interactive Docker container

Use lsof and ps to Find Running Services

Learn how to use the lsof and ps utilities to find running services when debugging EADDRINUSE in NodeJS logs.

My Journey in 3d Printing

Follow along as I explore 3d Printing.

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