In 30 Seconds

I enjoy...

  • 🧰building software that lowers friction so that makers can turn their ideas into reality.
  • 👨‍🔬learning new concepts and ideas.
  • 🚀teaching others.
  • 🧠exploring ideas on consciousness.


  • 🦄 I build software at [Webflow](
  • 🧪 I experiment with various tools, systems & processes to learn to live more effectively.
  • ↗️ My favorite shape is an arrow.
  • 🏜 I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
  • 📚 Currently Reading...
    • **Essentialism** by Gregory McKeown
    • **Finite & Infinite Games** by James Carse

At Work, I'm...

  • Improving the development toolchain for developer happiness.
  • Helping others learn & use systems thinking.
  • Building better continuous integration & delivery pipelines for Webflow's software to be deployed often, quickly & safely.
  • Mentoring other individual contributors in building better software & personal development.

At Home, I'm...

  • Hiking & birding with my wife & daughter.
  • Hanging out with my awesome family.
  • Walking my dogs.
  • Building train tracks with my daughter.
  • Making cold brew coffees & Americanos.

My Interests Include...

  • Experimenting with productivity systems & processes.
  • Making things with my 3D printer.
  • Hacking on software ideas.
  • Writing about the process of building software.
  • Reading and reviewing books.
  • Teaching others about technology & productivity.