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#Contributing to

Thanks for your interest in contributing!

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Running requires NodeJS and Yarn.


#Install NodeJS and Yarn with NVM

I recommend using nvm (node version manager) to install NodeJS and Yarn. You can find instructions for installing nvm in the GitHub

Once installed, you'll notice that there is an .nvmrc in this project. nvm will use this file to determine the version of NodeJS to use.

If you haven't installed the verison required in the .nmvrc, you can do so by run nvm install without the version while in this directory and it will install it. Then you can run nvm use and it will use the current version.

Once you've followed the instructions for cloning the project, you can run the following to install and use the correct node version:

cd <PATH/TO>/chaseonsoftware
nvm install && nvm use

Note: When changing into other project directories, run nvm use to use the required version for those projects.

#Getting Started

Clone the source from GitHub:

git clone && cd chaseonsoftware

Install the node dependencies:

yarn install

Start the Gatsby development server & open http://localhost:8000:

yarn develop && open http://localhost:8000

Now you should be up and running!


  • develop - run the Gatsby development server.
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