Your first Lua

Objective: To educate people on the value of learning basics of programming and that power it gives them with an easy (but weird) language

  • What is Lua?
  • What is Hammerspoon?
    • intro: what the heck is hammerspoon even?
    • how do I get started?
    • let's do a basic, trivial example (print some stuff to your screen)
      • maybe a good chance to write some lessons on lua basics?
      • how to research the hammerspoon API
      • the hotkey bind is the bread and butter of making it work
    • a step further, make it easy to maximize the current window
    • what about shifting the current window to the left or right half of the screen
    • homework:
      • do the same for top or bottom
      • extra credit: shift it to the 4 quadrants of your screen
    • next up: using it with alfred for automation
  • Installing Hammerspoon
  • First Lua example with Hammerspoon
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