Setting Yourself Up for Success with a New Manager

It's that time of year again: review time!

  • any time you are transitioning teams or your manager leaves ask your previous manager to write up a review including:
    • whether you're on track to exceed expectations (because if you're reading this, you'd consider settling for anything less a "failure of your personality")
    • what big things you did this year to move the company forward
    • what strengths they see in you that can be leveraged
    • what opportunities they see that you could be taking to make big impacts

Ultimately you're responsibility to yourself is to both set yourself up for success and to show your new manager, "hey, I like to ask my manager for feedback on a regular basis and want to make sure you've got the information you need to make sure I'm doing the right work."

Bonus points for doing this yourself as a starting point to send to your manager.

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