• what are dotfiles?
  • why are they useful?
  • setting up your own dotfiles from scratch
    • setting up a remote git repo in gitlab
    • cloning the git repo
    • moving any existing files
    • writing a script to symlink them
  • list of top resources for dotfiles


GitHub does dotfiles - dotfiles.github.io

dotfiles/bootstrap.sh at master · jeffaco/dotfiles

dotfiles/install-osx-dev-apps.sh at aebcf6865e5980f321fbaba7e8cbf9857a2c28bd · mattorb/dotfiles

dotfiles/zshrc.symlink at master · holman/dotfiles

Dotfiles Are Meant to Be Forked

ryanb/dotfiles: config files for zsh, bash, completions, gem, git, irb, rails

dotfiles/bin at master · holman/dotfiles

dotfiles/Makefile at master · Overbryd/dotfiles


Matt Smith's dotfiles post

posted on August 25th 2019