Your First Deno Script (JavaScript)

# What You'll Learn

  • An overview of what Deno is
  • How to setup a development environment for Deno
  • How imports work
  • Deno security concepts

# Exercise

We'll be building out a small script for making a request to Dropbox for a ZIP file and writing that ZIP file to the disk.

# Concepts

  • Environment Variables
  • Filesystem modification
  • HTTP requests

# Notes for Post

# Installing Deno

Deno is a secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime (website), built by Ryan Dhal, the original developer of Node.js.

I wanted to write a small utility in Deno that covers some of the fundamental concepts I'd want to know in any programming language, so in this article, I'll be building a utility that fetches a Zip directory from Dropbox, writes it to disk and unzips the Zip into a directory.

First, I visited the Deno homepage to find the installation instructions page. Deno recommends a "curl | bash" script to install it using Shell (there is also a Homebrew formula for Mac and Linux).

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