Writing Drafts in GatsbyJS

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There are a few solutions out there for keeping drafts in GatsbyJS, but none achieved what I wanted. The ones I've found required graphql to do the heavy lifting to filter out drafts which meant a lot of filtering out anything where drafts was false. If you don't care about the justification, you can skip to the code for how I write drafts in GatsbyJS.


These were the specifications that led me to the solution I use:

  • Easy to infer which articles are in draft state.
  • Single author not using Netlify CMS (works for multiple authors as well, but not required for me).
  • The production build/runtime of my site should be totally unaware of drafts.

#Finding Drafts is Clear

I'm a huge advocate for reducing the friction of finding content that has a state of "Work in Progress". Having a separate directory explicitly for drafts helps me do that.

One of the downsides of using drafts in frontmatter is that you usually have to search through the frontmatter with a tool that can tell if a file is a draft (grep, ripgrep, etc) or keep the state in your brain (which is a bad use of a brain).

#Single Author Hosting Content on Dropbox

I'm the only author on my Gatsby sites and use Dropbox to host my content. I think this solution could easily work for multiple authors using git as the "backend" (the way you might use Netlify CMS), but I haven't tried that with this solution so mileage may vary.

I also use Dropbox to host my content and builds are done as a result of changes to files. Having a separate drafts folder allows me to write content without triggering unnecessary Dropbox/Netlify hooks.

#Production Safety

I don't want to have a bunch of drafts filters in my GraphQL. I can't think of a compelling reason for GraphQL to filter drafts when I know that I don't want drafts in production). Having a separate drafts folder reduces a lot of the complexity (and potential bugs) that would come with using GraphQL to do the same filtering.

#How I Write Drafts in Gatsby

Now to the fun part: configuring Gatsby!

I have two content folders in my src directory:

  • content - the content ready for production
  • drafts - the content that I'm still working on

There are 3 "stages" of the content lifecycle:

| Stage | content present | drafts present | |

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