Content States Guide

On 2019-10-25, I decided that I would start publishing what I'm writing to my personal website regardless of if it's polished enough to be published.

The goals are:

  • to continually be writing (sharing publicly)
  • others are able to give me feedback on what things I'm thinking about that they'd be interested in
  • to reduce the cognitive burden of if something is ready

I've come up with the following content states In order to signal to readers the progress of the article. As part of the writing process, I'll be updating the articles with the state it's in.

# Content States

  • Proposal
  • Ideation
  • Draft
  • Published
  • Updated

# Proposal

Mindset: "I think I'd like to write about this, so I'm creating a placeholder."

Should contain:

  • a title
  • a short sentence explaining the goal of the article

# Ideation

Mindset: "I'm gathering my high-level thoughts and reading on what I'm writing about for supporting resources."

While in this status, should contain:

  • a title
  • an objective
  • an outline
  • gathered supporting resources

# Draft

Mindset: "I'm writing the article itself, but it's not yet complete."

  • a title
  • content

# Published

Mindset: "I'm ready to call this done and move on to something else."

Should contain:

  • a title
  • content that's in a place that if I leave it alone, it feels complete

# Updated

Mindset: "I have changed some small part of my perspective on this idea or updated grammar and spelling."

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