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It's been a while since I've posted a new thought/article here.

Some things that held me back:

  • My process had too much friction
    • I was using git, a tool that's great for versioning but terrible for moving fast
    • using git meant I was limited to the devices I could publish on easily
  • I waited for something to be perfect before publishing
  • I was wanting to using Notion's API (it's been "coming soon" for almost a month now) to write and visualize my post statuses

What got me moving:

  • I rethought my process
    • I decided to move everything to Dropbox
    • Moving to Dropbox means I can use a computer, phone or tablet to write
    • I don't have to think about committing changes, they're just there when I write them
  • I just write stuff down
  • I accepted that maybe every idea is better fledgling and shared instead of almost perfect and invisible

I plan on making a better signal for the status for an article/blog post (what do I even call these?) so that others know how well-thought out a piece of content is, but for now, the goal is just to write and let the world see it.

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