TextExpander Snippets

I love using TextExpander through the day to reduce the amount of redundant typing and copy/pasta I do. It's an excellet tool that makes life a lot easier!

On the iPhone I use it with Editorial app as well so I can leverage my snippets on the go.


A collection of Snippets.

I have this split up into 3 separate snippets:

  • chrome.currtab.full.title
  • chrome.currtab.full.url
  • md:chrome.currtab.link


This captures the current tab in Chrome's Title.

Content: JavaScript Label: chrome.currtab.full.title Abbreviation: chrometitle;

function getCurrTabTitle(doc) {
return doc.name();
var currTab = Application('Google Chrome').windows[0].activeTab;


This captures the current tab in Chrome's URL.

Content: JavaScript Label: chrome.currtab.full.url Abbreviation: chromeurl;

function getCurrTabLink(doc) {
return doc.url();
var currTab = Application('Google Chrome').windows[0].activeTab;

This uses the previous two snippets to compose the current tab in Chrome in Markdown link format.

Content: Plain Text Label: md:chrome.currtab.link Abbreviation: link;

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